We are disrupting high-performance computing for AI Models

High performance computing is not a privilege but rather a tool to build the future of humanity using the power of generative AI

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AI models require significant compute resources, powerful GPUs & TPUs. This type of hardware is costly and not optimized for specific application. Not having access to enough and efficient infrastructure creates a barrier to entry for a lot of individuals or organizations to build in-house solutions.



Interactive user interface with microlearning materials and algorithm driven recommendations-Application driven AI algorithm to allocate right sources.


Application Specific Hosting layer- Open Source driver configuration optimized and more secure computation-Image processing GPUs for GANs models.


Distributed Data Center powered by Carbon-neutral AI driven energy and resource allocation.


Seasoned leaders with a passion for digital inclusivity and AI.


Meltem Ballan Ph.d

Concrete Engine’s CEO Meltem Ballan is recognized for her significant contributions to the field of artificial intelligence.

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